“There is no place like home, there is no place like home, there is no place like home…” – The Wizard of Oz

A tiny but mighty home, ready to settle where ever you are.

Social distancing road trip? Now you can.

why choose us

There is nothing like the comfort of your own home

Under the conditions of the recent pandemic, we’ve learned that there is also no place safer than our own dwellings. Hotels, motels, or even Airbnbs, no matter how highly rated or homely they may be, are not quite “home”. None of them made the cut under the lockdown, and the only place that was suitable remained our own chosen dwellings.

That is what makes Tiny Homes on Wheels so unique! Imagine a space that is impeccably designed and optimized with everything you need, and is as versatile on the ground as it is on your road trip. With modern concept open floor plans, all the amenities and utilities for comfort, and tasteful trims and fitting in the interior, each home is built to last and customized to fit your personality.

Our goal is to solve the modern day problems of travel accommodation and home ownership. This is what we hope to accomplish with Tiny Homes on Wheels:

  • Let you become a home owner with as little investment as possible. We have easy financing plans to help drive your dreams home.
  • Create a solution that lets you drive with your actual home, almost anywhere you go.
  • Assist with a minimalistic life-style: Planned to fit everything you need neatly in the amount of space that is required for it. Your new home will be perfect for everyday living, but in the most effective and non-wasteful manner.

Our goal is to change the way we conceptualize our living space so that it does more for us than we currently imagine it to. We aim to create the perfect space that is versatile, efficient, filled to the brim with modern luxuries and amenities, and suited for everyday living or travel. Our vision is to create a solution for your accommodation as flexible as your lifestyle.

About Us

As cities become more and more populated

The price of accommodation skyrockets at a pace that is hard to keep up with. The dilemma of renting or owning seem to be a never ending dual. You need to save for a decent down payment, which, even without any expenses, can take years to do. Add your monthly rent and living expenses, and it becomes almost impossible to save up the money you need. When you feel like you’re ready to purchase, everything within affordability seems to be the size of a shoebox, tucked amidst a crowd of other “owners” usually in a condo building. Once you purchase, your dream of ownership quickly turns to steep mortgage payments, condo fees/property tax, and utility bills. There is very little left for any travel, which would come with its own set of accommodation expenses.

These facts of modern day living and life is what drove us to create Tiny Homes on Wheels. The concept isn’t itself quite unique – trailer homes have always been a popular choice for travelers. But Tiny Homes are not trailer homes. They are actual homes, meant to fulfill all of your housing needs. The goal was to create something that is affordable as well as versatile. A home that isn’t just somewhere you live, but that supplements your lifestyle instead of drawing you back from everything you want to do. A home is a place of security and wellbeing, and that is exactly what Tiny Home on Wheels wishes for you to accomplish.

The idea of a Tiny Home is that it should contain all of the amenities, resources and spaces that you will need to live

your daily life comfortably, but in a smaller space. The advantage? Well, we could think of so many, that’s why we had to go ahead and put our imagination down on pen and paper. But here are a few:

  • Designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Small space equals less clean up.
  • If you love to travel, so should your home! Conveniently mounts on your trailer.
  • Affordable: Becoming a home owner has never been easier!

With all of these perks that a tiny home can provide and so many more, it just didn’t make sense to not bring this small but mighty solution forth so that many others could benefit from it too.

For us, Tiny Homes is a way into the future. For you, it may be a temporary solution, a stepping stone to owning a bigger house, or a companion for when you hit the road. Whatever you imagine your Tiny Home to help you accomplish, we know that with it, you will feel right at home. Just as we do.

Ready to own your own Tiny Home? We have financing plans to fit your needs.

Give us a call and we’ll consult your needs to get you started.

No question is too big or too tiny!

The Design

A strong foundation is the key to longevity. Our homes aren’t founded on the ground, but that doesn’t mean they lack a strong foundation. We took our time to perfect the design for a housing solution that will keep meeting all of your needs over time. Each of our homes is:

  • Designed for modern open floor plans
  • 5’ x 26’ in dimension, the perfect size for comfort and convenience
  • Customizable: Creative ideas for all of the large spaces
  • Created to easily accommodate 2 to 3 large adults

The Benefits

The possibilities with a tiny home and the comfort it can provide may amaze you. Not only is a home on wheels liberating, but it comes with many other perks that most people don’t even realize could be true.

  • Versatile: On your trailer or on the ground
  • A space that looks and feels large
  • Enough room to accommodate full-sized kitchens and washrooms
  • Convenience for everyday living, but also maneuverability for travel
  • Modern amenities such as hot water, sewerage, and plumbing